Komoda vs Drafter Results

Thanks for all coming along to our Komodo v Drafter Race Night! Here are the results…

Best 8F Drafter:
1st: Badinga
2nd: Trashbags
3rd: Smashcrash
4th: Chubb
5th: JC

Best Komoda:
1st: Paulie*
2nd: Mulder
3rd: Verstappen
4th: Bkmoto

R1: Bay City Bangerlang
R2: Coastline Clash 2019
R3: Autodromo Briatore
R4: Get Wet
R5: Monza Mini
R6: Rockford Revolution
R7: SCRZ Django Fest. of Seed
R8: The Pickle Factory
R9: Mowin’ Rehab (Extra)


Well done to SmashCrash for topping the table overall and helping to Drafter to beat the Komoda on the night.