Top Gear Classics Results

Top Gear Classics Results

Thanks for all coming along this week, was good fun racing these somewhat forgotten cars. Here are our Top Gear Classics Results.

Best looking car

Mulder’s Coquette picked up this award and prompted a rage fit from Dave who turned up in a near identical car.

The Races

We raced the following tracks, with the odd car swap here and there to find the best of the bunch. Each car was also given a race track with a home advantage before moving on to street races and finishing up on the Indy Speedway with catch up and slipstream for a laugh.

  1. Top Gear Mile
  2. Okayama Int. Circuit (190Z)
  3. F1 Austin 2019 (Coquette)
  4. Autodromo Nazionale Monza (Monroe)
  5.  Sandy Shores Circuit
  6.  Retro on the GOH!
  7. B Road Race 2 Remastered (cars swapped)
  8. Circuit La Mesa (cars swapped)
  9. LSIA Vintage
  10. Indianapolis Speedway

The Results

Well done to the Coquette Classic for romping home to an easy win.

Best Drivers

  • Monroe: Catman
  • 190Z: Challenger
  • Coquette: Stappen