At Van Society Events we prefer Contact racing over Non-Contact or Ghosting. To ensure we keep on racing contact it is essential to respect other drivers whilst racing. This will mean no dive-bombing corners to overtake a bunch of players, being especially cautious in the first corner and giving way to other drivers in certain situations and most importantly… if you are responsible for another player leaving the track or getting spun you should wait for them to regain their position before continuing.

Check below for more a more detailed breakdown of our racing rules.

Driving Standards will be enforced and expected of people. Most of this is common sense and stating the obvious, but it seems to go unheeded every time we run an event.

Racing Rules
  1. First corner. We do not need a mass pileup every time as always seem to happen. 16 into 1 doesn’t go, everyone should get through.
  2. No PIT Manoeuvres
  3. If the car in front of you is sideways and you cannot drive around it then DO NOT tap them.
  4. Using the car in front of you as a brake is not acceptable.
  5. No weaving on straights, racing etiquette is that you are allowed one manoeuvre.
  6. If there is a massive pile up ahead of you don’t go steaming into it and make it worse.
  7. If you have left the track, do not rejoin unless there is room to do so, yes we all want to be back on the track and ready to go asap. But you should not do this at the expense of another racer.

Unless it’s a blatant attempt at one of these you will be given warnings. If you keep breaking any of these rules you will not be allowed to participate in any racing events until you’ve spent some time proving you can behave and race correctly in sessions with some of the Partners and Senior Partners present.


Despite all of that it’s inevitable that sometimes we will have some incidents which are unintentional. If you spin someone out or push them off the track and have basically gained a place on them through nefarious deeds then you should allow them to regain their place by leaving some room and slowing enough for them to regain the place.


If someone makes an overtaking move on the inside of you and they are more than half way alongside your car as you go to turn into the corner you must give them room on the inside. You cannot simply turn into them anyway. Conversely if you’re not far enough up the inside of someone when attempting to overtake you should back out of the move as they are within their rights to turn into the corner and any resulting crash will be your fault.

Stunt races

During stunt races the driving standards still apply, however accidents are more likely to occur and shall be reviewed after it has taken place.