About the Van Society

The Van Society was founded on May 9 2014 and started off as a small crew of PS3 GTAO players. On May 25th of the same year Retired-Mafia of GTA Forums created a topic called Heist Preperation. It was a meet up topic for fellow players that where interested in doing robbery sprees in vans. The topic started to get a lot of interest and soon the first event plans were made and used in crew sessions. The plans started to contain more detail and a better story from then on. After years of hosting events we’ve established a fun and active group of players. the topic is no longer called “Heist Preparation” it is now called The Van Society.

Where to find us

Van Society Clubhouse

Our Clubhouse is the perfect place to relax and get away from the chaotic city. Besides that it’s a great place meet up spot to get players together in free roam before an event starts. You can find the Clubhouse on the exclusive Vinewood Lake Estate.

Make sure to test out the diving board!

Van Society Clubhouse
Van Society Clubhouse
Van Society Events

We are now a well established crew focused on the PS4 for mature gamers who like to approach GTAO from a different angle to most too get the most of the game. Since the beginning of this crew we’ve been hosting events every week. At this later stage in the games life we are no longer grinding everyday or tearing around in free-roam but still put on an at least one event every week which is when we all meet up to game together.

Our events are usually car based and include Street Racing, Track Racing, Off Road Racing, Rallying and our Top Gear Challenges including Class War, Reasonably Priced Car, Mystery Car, Head 2 Head Racing.

View our upcoming events using our Event Calendar…

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Clash of the Crews

The Van Society also takes part in the Clash of the Crews competition run by the Domestic Battery Crew. This is a well established multi-crew competition covering all aspects of GTAO from DM’s to Races to Overtime Rumble.

Find out more about Clash of the Crews…

User Created Jobs

The Van Society also has some fantastic Creators that have put together high quality Race, Deathmatch and Capture jobs that we use in our events and to share with others. You can keep track of these and some other great jobs from other creators.

View our user created and recommended GTA jobs…

Get Involved

If you want to join the Van Society just get in touch…

We are always looking for new members so if you are looking to get involved you can use our Recruitment Threads on RSCnet or GTAF, you can also use R* Social Club don’t forget to leave you PSN ID, Timezone and a bit of info about yourself.

We do most of our gaming in European time zone and are looking for gamers who liked to try something different to a playlist of DM’s, Adversary Modes or R* Stunt Races. The vast majority of our gaming on GTA revolves around cars and racing.

Most of our events are open to all members of RSCnet & GTA Forums (where we promote and run our events), so if you see something you would like to join in with or get involved just ask.