Gasser Race Night Results

Gasser Race Night

Thanks all for coming along, we had great fun racing this strange beast. Despite it not being able to go round corners we all seemed to strangely enjoy it. Here are the Peyote Gasser Race Night Results.

After the usual free-roam meet up we voted Trashbags to have the best looking Peyote, it had been a long time coming for Mr Bags.

Best Peyote:

1st: Trashbags
2nd: Mulder
3rd: Paulie
4th: Dave
5th: Chubb
6th: Bkmoto (Regular Peyote)
7th: Smash
8th: Verstappen

The Races:

R1: Alamo Bridges
R2: American Grand Park
R3: Atomic Tyre Raceway
R4: AVN Pick-up Stations
R5: Crevelsville Dragstrip
R6: Calais Street Circuit
R7: Unsound Methods
R8: LS Speedway Infield 2018
R9: MB Arena MicroCircuit

The Results:

Well done to SmashCrash for bagging the win on the night, well done to all of us for getting the Gasser around the track!