Sport Classics Results

Thanks for all coming along to our Sport Classics Raced Night, here are the results.The night pitted theJ ester Classic against the Sentinel Classic.

Best Jester:
1st: Dave
2nd: Trashbags
3rd: Mulder
4th: Verstappen

Best Sentinel:
1st: Bkmoto
2nd: Marc
3rd: Chubb

R1: Adios Amigo
R2: Casino Royale
R3: Daisy-lee-Motordrome
R4: Mt Gordo Circuit
R5: Crevelsville Dragstrip
R6: RON Raceway National
R7: SCRZ Django Festival of Seed
R8: The North Loop
R9: Zanny’s Grand Prix

Drag Racing:


Well done to Verstappen for winning the nights racing but more importantly well done to the Jester Classic for dominating the Sentinel Classic on the night.