Dakar Legends: Hellion Results

Thanks for all coming along to our Hellion Night. Some great racing and trails, here are the Hellion Results.

Best car:

1st: Dave
2nd: Paulie
3rd: Verstappen
4th: Smashcrash
5th: Salad
6th: Hurst
7th: Mulder
8th: Trashbags
9th: Chubb
11th:Catman (Too late with car)
12th:Marc (No car)


  1. Atomic Venetian RX
  2. MB Arena MicroCircuit
  3. Horsekhana
  4. Hellion Trails (Trail, not a race)
  5. RX-Vinewood
  6. PostOP Raceway
  7. Mudslinger Rally
  8. The Diamond 100 (Point to point)


Well done to Mulder for winning the nights racing and Dave for having the prettiest car.