Mystery Car September 2019: Results

Mystery Car

Thanks all for coming along to our September Mystery Car. In a strange turn of events Stappen was actually a little unprepared and we ended up with the car being hidden in a bush. SmashCrash found the car after the usual trail of cryptic clues.

The car was the Bravado Bison, and despite a few concerns it provided a great nights entertainment. Some great battles and close finishes.

After we all bought our Bisons, we had a quick best in class parade…

Best Looking Bison

1st:  Paulie
2nd: Mulder
3rd: Chubb
4th: Salad
5th: Smashcrash
6th: Verstappen
7th: Trashbags
8th: Catman
9th: Dave
10th:OneMarc (No car)

No complaints from Marc about peoples tastes this time. After basking in our own glory and good taste we jumped into a playlist of races using the Bison.

The Races

1. AVN Pick-up Stations
2. Death Yon Speedway
3. North Sheldon-Maisonette
4. Draco motor Park
5. Mirrors
6. Starkie’s Barracks
7. Road Side Picnic
8. Skrt Skrt ePrix

The Results

Well done to SmashCrash for getting the double, finding the car and winning the racing too.

Thanks to Stappen for another great Mystery Car Night!