Stinger Race Night Results

Thanks for all coming along to our Stinger Race Night, here are the results.

Best Looking Car Vote:
1st: Smashcrash Topless
2nd: Chubb GT
3rd: Verstappen Topless
4th: Mulder Topless
5th: Hurst GT
6th: Trashbags GT
7th: Paulie GT
8th: OneMarc GT

Track List:
1. American Grand Park
2. Atomic Tire Circuit
3. Drayne Dibbley Grand Prix
4. North Sheldon-Maisonette
5. Mount Haan Circuit
6. Unsound Methods
7. Skyline Raceway 2018
8. Starkie’s Intermediate


Well done to Stappen for getting the win and the Stinger Topless for beating the slightly faster Stinger GT.