Xero 3000 Rally Results

Xero 3000 Rally Results

Thanks for all coming along to the Xero 3000 Rally, great to see BKmoto and Mulder back for more. Surpisingly enough the night went wihtout any hosting glitches. We did have the odd Comet Retro glitch though with JC ditching his ill advised Comet Retro after Stage 01 and Dave accidently picking his Comet Retro in one stage due to pissing while holding his controller.

Xero 3000 drivers

We had a great selection of vehicles on the night, only the GB200 was neglected due to its ‘brick’ like suspension. Once the stages started though there were a few regrets about car choice. The Comet Retro was hopeless as mentioned, the Mulder’s Kuruma loved to roll over, Chubb’s Sultan was slower than a lawnmower and Salad didn’t realise his Tropos wasn’t fully modified.

  • Chubb (Sultan)
  • Paulie (Tropos Rallye)
  • SkyeDave (Comet Safari)
  • Mulder (Kuruma)
  • doubleg213 (Sentinel Classic)
  • Trash (Omnis)
  • JC (Comet Safari)
  • Mark (Tropos Rallye)
  • Salad (Tropos Rallye)
  • BKmoto (Sentinel Classic)
Xero 3000 Stage Winners

The stages worked quite well, the lack of checkpoints didn’t lead to anyone getting lost. Well done to Dave, BK and Mulder for breaking up Stappen’s dominance.

  1. El Burro – Stappen
  2. Tatavium Mountain – Dave
  3. Redwood Lights – Stappen
  4. Vinewood Hills – BKmoto
  5. Grand Senora – Stappen
  6. Great Chapparel – Stappen
  7. Fort Zancudo – Mulder
  8. Raton Canyon – Stappen
  9. Danger Road – Stappen
  10. Mt Chiliad – Stappen
  11. Grapeseed – Stappen
  12. Quarry – Stappen
  13. Windfarm – Stappen
Xero 3000 Rally Results

Xero 300 Rally Results

Well done to Stappen for winning the Xero 3000 Rally and breaking the 30 minute mark with his overall time. Great showing from BK in the sentinel Classic, Dave in the Comet Safari and Mulder who pushed the Kuruma as hard as it can go without rolling over. Special mention to JC too who is now the Real JC once again after beating Chubb espite spending half the night on his roof.

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