Van Society MVP

Van Society MVP
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On Saturday 20th July at 20:00 BST for something a little bit different... We will be running a mixed playlist to find out who is the Van Society MVP! You can look forward to a mixture of most of what is available in GTA from racing on Land, Sea and Air to Deathmatches, Captures and Adversary Modes.

This event will be open to Van Society members only and all players must run the VANS tag on the night. We will be using quality job and combat will only make up a small percentage of the jobs on the night.

The playlist will be just over an hour long as to not take up too much of your Saturday evening.

To run this night we will need a minimum of 4 sign ups and a maximum of 8 to make sure we can include a varied job selection.

Sign up on RSCnet as usual...