Top Gear $100,000 Challenge

Top Gear $100,000 Challenge
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We are going old skool this week with a Van Society Top Gear $100,000 Challenge. Come and join us on Wednesday 22nd April 2020 at 20:00 BST in any car* that costs less than $100,000 and we will put it through its paces in Los Santos.

This event is open to current RSC members only and is limited to 8 players (plus the host).

*The cars must be available for purchase on Southern San Andres Super Auto or Legendary Motorsports websites.

At the start of the night, the cars must be stock, ie straight from the dealership. No changing colour, adding private plates or anything else.

We will modify our cars at some point and when we do there will be some rules...

  • No Brake Upgrades
  • No Engine Upgrades
  • No Turbo Upgrades

When you have decided on your car send JuniorChubb a message on RSCnet so I can confirm nobody else has picked that vehicle. if someone has beaten you to that car you must pick something else so do not purchase your vehicle until it has been confirmed.

The majority of this night will be in free roam, there is no room for emergency services, guns or stupid behaviour if we want the night to run smoothly. Please bear this in mind!

Thanks to Lorenzo Lamonica for the image used in the poster: Lorenzo Lamonica