Raiders Of The Lost Santos: Easter Egg Hunt

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Come and join us on Wednesday 9th April at 19:30BST (or as close to it as you can manage) for Raiders of The Lost Santos, a 1980s Movie and TV themed Easter Egg Hunt and Playlist.

We will meet at the Richards Majestic Studios and have a vote on who came with the best costume/vehicle combo and then you will be split into two or three teams depending on the number of sign ups.

Once in our teams you'll be shown your first clue and then the treasure hunt around San Andreas will commence.

Usual rules apply: Don't bring the emergency services to the meet, don't discharge your weapons and don't be a bellend.

After the treasure hunt, we'll run a themed playlist which will mostly be racing but will have a couple of surprise opportunities to shoot each other whilst uttering a badass action hero style line.

The emphasis will be on a lighthearted evening of fun rather than the competition element.

Post on RSCnet to get involved

Early sign-ups are encouraged so we know what numbers we're dealing with for the playlist and teams.