VANS v DAMN Results

Clash of the Crews

Round 8 of Clash of the Crews was the long awaited VANS v DAMN. The Damned Brotherhood are a fellow GTAF Crew so we already had connections and were looking forward to this one. We also decided to play the match Free-Aim as its DAMN’s targeting mode of choice and to escape the lock-on, combat roll & shoot monotony that usually dominated these matches.

We got a nice surprise seeing FR_Player-One in the lobby when we joined, we also decided to play the match using game chat instead of separate parties which was a great call.

The first job was AK-47 Island Shoot Out and we soon discovered why our opponents love Free-Aim after they took an easy win. On to what we prefer, racing. The first races was *Maxon WRX STI, the results were mixed with gettinlean from DAMN grabbing second place and Trashbags getting first for VANS. We grabbed the win but it was close run thing.

More combat next with Capture Raid – Going Coastal. We are no fans of this job but it was a really close match. DAMN grabbed the win 3 packages to 2. House Party Deathmatch was next and another win for DAMN, lots of fun though with melee’s galore and a dancing Catman.

Job five can loosely be described as a race. !__Ruiner2000__! was not much fun and the closest game of the night. SKYDAVE got the win for VANS with gettinlean getting second again to get us back in the match and give us the chance of a draw.

The last job was an LTS, !!! RPG v RPG !!!.  Another easy win for DAMN and it sealed the overall win for them too.

Finals score DAMN 4 – 2 VANS.

Thanks to ajbns87 for helping set the match up and for hosting. Well played and cograt’s to gettinlean, TheBhoys2011 and FR_Player-One.

Thanks to the VANS team of Trashbgas, Chubb, Catman and last minute sign up SkyDave.

VANS v DAMN Stream:

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