Straight Enus Results

Straight Enus Results

Thanks for all coming along to our Straight Enus Landyacht Challenge. We had a great nights racing with a few difficulties getting around corners. We started of with a meet up in free roam to decide who had the best looking car before moving on to a playlist of races.

Best Car:

  • Hurst: Winsdsor Drop
  • Paulie: Cognoscenti
  • Mark: Cognoscenti Cabrio
  • Chubb: Stafford
  • Dave: Windsor
  • Mulder: Huntley S
  • Trashbags: Super Diamond
  • Salad: Windsor
  • Bkmoto: (No car)


  1. Cognoscentis: American Grand Park
  2. Cogniscentis: Coastline Clash 2019
  3. Super Diamond: Mount Haan
  4. Huntley S: Starky’s Hangar
  5. Cognoscenti Cab: Piswasser GP Croatia
  6. Stafford: Road Side Picnic
  7. Windsors: Ron’s Suspension Pass

Straight Enus Results


Well done to MarkVerstappen for getting the win on the night, just 3 points clear of closest challenger Mulder. Also special mention to Hurst for bringing the best looking car of the night.