Exorbitant Tornado Results

Exorbitant Tornado Night

Thanks for all coming along to our Exorbitant Tornado Night, here are the results from the racing.

Best car:
1st: Mark
2nd: G
3rd: Salad
4th: Bk
5th: Trashbags
6th: Chubb
7th: Dave
8th: OneMarc (No car)

R1: Crevelsville Dragstrip Rat Rod 1/4th Mile Shootout
R2: Alamo Bridges
R3: Draco Motor Park
R4: LS Speedway Infield 2018
R5: Starkie’s Barracks Stock Mariachi’s
R6: Mirrors
R7: Rokfordtrils 2.8
R8: West Mirror GP Rat Rod


Well done to Stappen for getting the win.