103 Rejects Results

Thanks all for coming along to our Top Gear Sports 103 Rejects night. As ever we had a great selection of cars and some good fun racing them.

All the cars had to be in the Sports Class and lap slower than 1:03 according to Broughie’s testing. After a quick meet up in free roam only to find that Stappen and Dave had painted their cars the wrong colour and that Trashbags was asleep we got the night rolling. All these players picked up 50 point penalties for being bellends and having the wrong colour on their cars for the testing phase of the event.

The Cars

Chubb – Sentinel Classic ($650,000)
Trash – Bestia ($610,00)
Cat – GB200 ($940,000)
Stapp – Schwartzer ($80,000)
Paulie – Spectre Custom ($851,000)
Dave – Jester Classic ($790,000)
Mulder – Comet Safari ($710,000)

Catman’s sexy GB200 won the first vote of the night for best looking car in stock primer with the Sentinel and Comet Safari coming second and third.

Each car was also given a penalty dependent on price. The cars price divided by 1,000 was taken away from their starting score. The Schwartzer was the cheapest and received an 80pt subtraction whilst the GB200 was the most expensive picking up a 940pt subtraction.

Performance Testing

Moving on to performance testing we tested the cars in drag racing, their top speed, track performance, off-road performance and handbrake parking agility.

The Schwartzer had a commanding lead after the testing thanks to its low price tag, it was 381 points ahead of its closet rival the Bestia before the racing had event begun! The Spectre custom may have been a favourite to do well in the up coming racing but it was currently 761 points off the lead.

The Racing

After the testing we raced the vehicles on different surfaces and style races to find the best of the bunch. We also swapped cars every race so that ‘driver ability’ wasn’t a factor in finding the best on the night.

We all knew the Schwartzer was going to be hopeless here, but all it needed was a couple of mid-table finishes to stay in touching distance of top spot!

The Jester Classic dominated the racing (showing another astute choice from Dave), the Spectre and the GB also done well. The Schwartzer was left trailing behind on most races with its best finish being in the Catch up & Slipstream aided Indy 500.

Final Results

The Schwartzer done enough in the end to hold on… A great pick from Verstappen to even consider it but it’s low price gave it enough of a lead to scrape through to an unexpected win.

The point penalty for turning up in the wrong colour car was irrelevant as it had no bearing on the results as it was the top 3 cars who were penalized.

The Stig Award

As ever there is an award for the best racer on the night.

Well done to Stappen for picking up the Stig Award.

Thanks for all coming along, next week….Mystery Car!