What’s Under The Hood

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Join us this Wednesday 3rd June for a muscle car series with a difference. As well as trying to beat each other on the track we'll be trying to trick each other into being in slower cars as we wonder, what's under the hood? It's like a game of poker at 100mph.

The 11 Cars allowed on the night:

Blade, Dukes (not of Death), Ruiner, Sabre Turbo(not custom), Burger Shot Stallion, Phoenix, Redwood Gauntlet, Stallion, Buccaneer, Gauntlet and the Vigero

You can pick a different car each race or stay in the same one. The cars can be fully modded, they can be stock or if you're feeling particularly devious you can bring one that looks modded when actually it's stock because......

At the start of each race, all players, depending on where they finished in the last race, will get a chance to swap cars with someone else in an effort to bag something fast and leave them with a total dog. Or they can stick with what they've got and hope no one else takes it from them. You'll find out more on the night.

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