Top Gear – The Challenges

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On Wednesday 10th June 2020 at 20:00 BST we will be holding a night of Top Gear challenges. All the jobs on the night will be based around an episode from the 'good old days' and will mix racing with a few other types of job.

When you sign up, sign up as one of the original 3 hosts, this will affect a couple of choices you make on the night.

Turn up in any car you like as we will be meeting in free roam before moving on to a playlist of jobs.

When we meet up in free roam, do not act like a bellend. This includes but is not limited too...

  • Getting a wanted level
  • Shooting/Killing other players
  • Using an Atomizer on peoples vehicles
  • Calling muggers on players
  • Crashing into other players cars
  • Trying to run an in-game business

This event is only open to RSCnet members. If you are not a member yet sign up so you can get involved!

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