Top Gear Reasonably Priced Cars: Sedans

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13/05/2020 20:00 - 22:00 Europe/London

This Wednesday at 20:00 BST Challenger will be hosting for us with a Top Gear Reasonably Priced Car night.

With the prices of vehicles rising with every update, it's nice to know you can pay less than you get for completing your Daily Challenges. We examine the prospect of competing against each other on a limited budget.

Rules: Any Sedan purchasable off Southern San Andreas Super Autos

There is a strict maximum of $23,000 spend on your vehicle. This includes all upgrades (i.e. if you want to add spoiler, you have to add it to the price of the vehicle. Think along the lines of the Porsche challenge 'spend what you have left after your purchase on upgrading).

Meet up

We will meet up at the Galileo Observatory for some free roam testing before moving onto a playlist of races if time allows.

Beware the penalty car!

Penalty Car if you don't buy anything for the races (i.e. doing a Stapp): Stock Emperor.

Sign up on RSCnet as usual:

Thanks to Mike Von on Unsplash for the photo.