Mystery Car Scavenger Hunt

Mystery Car
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This week we will be celebrating another year of Mystery Car with a Scavenger Hunt using all the cars from our 2019 Mystery Car nights.

Every one who signs up is free to pick a car from the list, once in the session you will hide you car in the usual fashion and we will then go out to find everybody's car.

These are the available cars to pick from, duplicates are allowed but not until every vehicle has been picked once.

  • Vapid Sadler
  • Übermacht Oracle
  • Schyster Fusilade
  • Übermacht Sentinel XS
  • Bravado Bison
  • Karin Sultan

The Dune has been left of this list as its a Pegasus vehicle and may 'be sent back to storage' whilst the hunt is on.

Remember to make your car look as stock as possible, and fit an Ignition Bomb! Also do not turn up to the meet in your Mystery Car... Keep it secret, keep it safe!

If after the scavenger hunt we have time we will run a couple of races using the Mystery Cars.