It’s a Felony!

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Come and join us on Wednesday 29th July for It's a Felony! Bring your Felon along to support Eser on his first official VANS event.

Everybody races in the regular Felon (fully upgraded). Pole is decided by 1 question before the start of every race. The one who answers it correctly gets pole position. Questions are random questions about everything (could be about animals, geography, history, science etc. etc.) There will be a total of 8 races, 7 in the Felon and the last race will be a mystery race.

We will all gather in Eser's nightclub before the event. After meeting in the nightclub we will start a 'find my car'. The searchers can only use normal cars (no Mk2, Deluxo etc.) I will hide my own felon somewhere in the city and I will give away some clues slowly. The one who finds my car will always start 3rd on the grid on every race except the mystery race or if he gets the question right.

Top 3 of every race will start at the back on the next race. Except for the finder of my car and the one who gets the question right.

Sign up as usual on RSCnet.

If you are not a member then use our public recruitment thread.