Everybody’s gone to the Raptor

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As longest serving current member of the society of VANS, I thought I had better pull my finger out from up my bottom, and actually try and host something for the first time since PS3.

As you all know, I'm a skinflint, a tight a*se, a penny pinching bellend! So when I saw that the Raptor was free last week in GTA, and that I was, at the time, playing through Everybody's Gone to The Rapture, an idea was born inside my tiny little mind.

We will have a playlist of 8 races to crown king of the Raptors. There will also be 1 stupid daft race at the end just for the lols.

At the start of each race, one driver will have the chance to earn themselves a 15 second head start by answering a delightfully evil trivia question from the very depths of CatMan's mind (and also google).

This event is for members of RSC only for ease of sorting questions out and if everyone could sign up by Midday on Wednesday that would be fan-bloody-tastic.

Usual Rules apply, no police, no weapons, don't be a bellend yada yada.

So, will you be a veloci-raptor or.................................................. Nope couldn't think of a pun.