VANS v DDNL Results


Round 9 of Clash of the Crews was one we had been dreaded, VANS v DDNL (Devastating Dangerous). With DDNL sitting in their usual position at the top of the league we knew it would be a tough match.

Our lack of practice for this match really shone through as we slumped to our first 6-0 defeat of the season. Luck was not on our side with a disconnection Overtime Rumble and a DNF in the Rocck Crawl Race giving the points to DDNL in what were the closest jobs of the match.

Finals score VANS 0 – 6 DDNL.

Thanks to Aerora for helping set the match up, well played to stefandungen, Ilimaniloekoe, mocro-2008 and EVIL-MANIAC-007 for grabbing the win.

Thanks to the VANS team of Trashbags, Chubb, Aslad and Paulie for representing VANS.

CotC Round 9 Results
CotC Round 9 Results
VANS v DDNL Stream:

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