Xero 3000 Results

Xero 3000 Results

Thanks for all coming along to the Xero 3000 Rally Event. Despite Rockstar doing it’s best to hinder our progress we still managed to run a map wide rally. Unfortunately the moving barrier that we were going to use to regulate staggered starts does not sync on everybody’s screen, to get around this we opted for -non-contact races and all started from the same spot for each stage.

We ran 14 stages covering off-road, urban, rural and freeway sections to help balance the strengths of the different cars in use.

The Drivers

Chubb – Massacro RC
Verstappen – Streiter
Catman – Elegy Retro
Trashy – Bestia
Dave – Comet Retro
Paulie – Spectre Custom
Salad: Elegy RH8

The mix of cars worked well with only the Spectre and Streiter being off the pace, the Streiter made up for this off road though.

Xero 3000 Results
Xero 3000 Results
Xero 3000 Results

Well done to Catman for winning with the lowest combined time from all stages, 6 seconds ahead of his nearest rival. The Elegy Retro proved to be a great all rounder.

Indy 500 Finale

After the rallying we finished of with 10 laps of our favourite Indy 500 circuit for fun. Well done to Salad for coming in first to make it a double winning night for the Elegy’s.

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