GP/// Vinewood Clips

Vinewood Clips

GP/// Vinewood Clips is another great street circuit by FR_Player-One. This 3.7 mile street circuit is enhanced with a few stunt track sections and well propped for a clear route. There are some very tight sections in Vinewood Hills that may favour Non-Contact racing.

GP/// Vinewood Clips

GRAND PRIX /// Brakes, Self-Control and Accuracy. You will need them to not crash your expensive car on one of these ultra expensives houses on the Vinewood Hills. What did you expect from driving this fast on these narrow roads, hm? (YT: FRPlayerOne)


  • Link:
  • Creator: FR_Player-One
  • Game Mode: Stunt Race
  • Race Style: Realistic Race
  • Route Length: 3.70 miles
  • Route Type: Lap
  • Players: 1-30
  • Location: Vinewood Hills, Baytree Canyon, Rockford Hills
  • Classes: Compacts, Coupes, Cycles, Motorcycles, Muscle, Off-Road, Sedans, Sports, Sports Classics, Super, SUVs, Utility