Vapid Cup Round 03 Results

Thanks for coming along to Round 03 of our Vapid Cup, we had a great turn out this week. Catch up on the results below…

Best Car:

1st: Badinga Slamvan custom
2nd: Eser Clique
3rd: Catman Slamvan Custom
4th: Mulder Retinue
5th: Dave Retinue
6th: Marc Clique
7th: Challenger Slamvan Custom
8th: Trashbags Slamvan Custom
9th: Verstappen Apocalypse Slamvan
10th:Chubb Flash GT
11th:Bk FMJ
12th:Paulie Future Shock Slamvan (F1 Wheels)

The Races:

1. Muscle – Dominator: Cutting Coroners GP [RM]
2. Sports – Flash GT: AVN Pick-up Stations (Non-Championship)
3. Classics – Peyote: Draco Motor Park
4. TFR Police Cruiser: The Sandy Smokey Circuit
5. Cycles –  Rockford Revolution (Non-Championship)
6. Classics – Retinue: Atomic Tire International
7. Muscle – Slamvan Custom: Road Side Picnic
8. Off-Rd – Sandking: XL Skrt Skrt ePrix

Race Results

Race Points

Overall Standings (after Round 03)

Well done to BK for winning Round 03 and pushing his way to the top of the Championship table.

Round 02 Results

Best Car:

  1. Dave GB200
  2. Bkmoto Caracara 4×4
  3. Marc Retinue
  4. Challenger Chino Custom
  5. Trashbags Liberator
  6. Verstappen Guardian
  7. Mulder GB200
  8. Paulie Flash GT (F1 wheels)


  1. Muscle: Chino Custom – Rokfordtrils 2.8
  2. SUVs: Contender Calais –  Street Circuit
  3. Off-Rd: Desert Raid – Mount Haan Circuit
  4. Muscle: AW Dominators – War Dominion Circuit
  5. Transform: Festival Bus – Paleto Festival of Speed
  6. Sports: Flash GT – Autodromo Briatore
  7. Supers: FMJ – Ol’ 68 Grand Prix
  8. Sports: GB200 – Atomic Tyre Raceway

Round 01 Results

Best car:

  1. Trashbags Retinue MK II
  2. Bk Retinue MK II
  3. Marc Blade
  4. Mulder Retinue Mk II
  5. Verstappen Imperator
  6. Spinnaker Sandking XL
  7. JC Clique
  8. Paulie Imperator
  9. Chubb Bullet
  10. Dave Taxi
  11. Challenger Clown Van & Peyote Gasser


  1. Transform Benson Benson and Hedges
  2. Muscle Blade American Grand Park
  3. Vans Bobcat XL Death Yon Speedway
  4. Supers Bullet BiancoFuori FA
  5. Off-Road Caracara 4×4 Coastline Clash 2019
  6. Muscle Chino LGN Croatia
  7. Muscle Clique SCRZ Django Fest. of Seed
  8. Vans Clown Van Starkie’s Barracks