Vapid Cup Round 01 Results

Thanks for coming along to Round 01 of our Vapid Cup, catch up on the results below…

Best car:

  1. Trashbags Retinue MK II
  2. Bk Retinue MK II
  3. Marc Blade
  4. Mulder Retinue Mk II
  5. Verstappen Imperator
  6. Spinnaker Sandking XL
  7. JC Clique
  8. Paulie Imperator
  9. Chubb Bullet
  10. Dave Taxi
  11. Challenger Clown Van & Peyote Gasser


  1. Transform Benson Benson and Hedges
  2. Muscle Blade American Grand Park
  3. Vans Bobcat XL Death Yon Speedway
  4. Supers Bullet BiancoFuori FA
  5. Off-Road Caracara 4×4 Coastline Clash 2019
  6. Muscle Chino LGN Croatia
  7. Muscle Clique SCRZ Django Fest. of Seed
  8. Vans Clown Van Starkie’s Barracks