Xero 3000

Xero 3000
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The Xero 3000 is a  5 day, multistage rally event for sports Cars that will cover most of San Andreas. Each day of the event will feature 3 stages (morning, day & night). The morning and night stages will be traffic free whilst there is a chance of light traffic during the day time races. The stages will vary from on road to off road, open highways, twisting rural roads and tight urban routes.

Xero 3000

Each competitor will pick a Sports Car each to enter and they must stick to this vehicle for the whole event. The Pariah and Comet SR will both be banned, apart from that any sports car is allowed.

The stages will begin with staggered starts, drivers will take it in turns to start first then move back down the starting order. Any DNF's will not count and points/time will be awarded depending on your race position if you do not finish.

This event was pushed back a week.

Sign up on GAF as usual: gtaforums.com/topic/916479-the-van-society-part-2/

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