Van Society Race Night

Van Society Race Night
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This Wednesday we will be running a Van Society Team Race Night. The night will consist of a playlist of races that will cover nearly every class of four wheeled vehicle in GTA. To level the playing field a little the most OP cars from each class will be banned, for example no Pariahs to be used when racing Sports Class.

At the start of the night we will run a qualifying race to create two groups. Once the groups are set the racing will begin!

We will run GTA races so we can spawn in cars for those who do not have them, the banned cars will be listed below.

  • Compacts - Brioso
  • Coupes - Zion
  • Muscle - Yosemite, PW Dominator, Sabre Turbo Custom & Clique
  • Off Road - Kamacho, Quads, Bikes, Desert Raid and Trophy Truck
  • Sedans - Schafters & Tailgater
  • Sports - Pariah. GTO, Neo & Comet SR
  • Sports Classics - Turismo Classic, Cheetah Classic & Rapid GT Classic
  • Supers - Nothing banned as I have got a scooby about this class!
  • SUV - Nothing, will the Novak come into play?
  • Vans - Nothing

Sign up on RSCnet as usual to get involved -

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