Top Gear Off Road Challenge

Top Gear Off Road
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Join us on Wednesday 27th of June at 20:00 BST (UK time) for our Top Gear Off Road Challenge. We will be taking the Off Road class to find the best of the bunch. Every player will use a different vehicle which will be tested on top speed, handling, acceleration, style, braking, value and more...To make a change from our usual Top Gear Class Tests we wont be banning any vehicles, anything in the Off Road Class is eligible. This means we will get bikes and quads challenging alongside the usual Off Road suspects.

The Players

This event will be limited to 8 players. When you sign up add your name to the list and your choice of vehicle. Remember only one of each vehicle, no duplicates. You can sign up for this night at GTA Forums -

The Rules

The usual rules apply, when we meet up in free roam do not bring the police, fire brigade or ambulances with you. Don't shoot and blow stuff up, we meet in invite only sessions to avoid all that nonsense. Bring the vehicle you will be using on the night, make it look good or damned awful as it will be judged on the night.

Whist we run the 'Tests', pay attention and follow the hosts instructions. There may be a little waiting around here and there but your time will come.

When we start racing we will be running races with Contact on. Our usual racing rules will apply, respect other drivers, if you are responsible for another driver crashing pull up and wait for them to catch up.