Top Gear Class War: Sports

Top Gear Class War: Sports
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20/02/2019 20:00 - 22:00 Europe/London

Top Gear Class War: Sports

Wednesday 20th February at 20:00 GMT we will host the Top Gear Class War: Sports. This event will run like an old skool Top Gear Challenge pitting the cars of the Sports Class against each other. Each player will pick one car from the Sports Class and stick with that car all night.

Your car will be tested on value, style, speed, acceleration, braking and racing so choose wisely.

Your cars can be fully modded on the night, however Off-Road tyres will be banned (Catman!). The Pariah, Itali GTO & Comet SR will all be banned to level the playing field a little.

The meet up spot will be the Richman Mansion so prepare for a very excitable Trashbags.

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