Survive the Hunt – 70’s theme

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The Van Society have been invited to another Survive the Hunt Night will be taking place on Saturday 23rd November 2019 at 21:00 GMT/UTC on PS4. This time round there will be a 70's Cop Show theme.

For more details see RSCnet & GTAF:


RSCnet -

The event will be hosted by the Damned Brotherhood.

The Hunters

Hunters to wear brown/tan suits and moustaches (for male characters) and the most 70s hairstyle for female characters.

Hunters are to drive a fully modded 60s - 70s muscle car, here are the top 5 according to Broughy that are suitable for the night...

  1. Sabre Turbo Custom - 01:06.866 lap time - 121.25 mph top speed - $505 000
  2. Impaler - 1:08.436 lap time - 115.5 mph top speed - $331 835
  3. Blade - 1:09.269 lap time - 109.75mph top speed - $160 000
  4. Tulip - 1:09.572 lap time - 112.75mph top speed - $718 000
  5. Dukes - 1:09.636 lap time - 112.5 mph top speed - $62 000 or FREE if you played on PS3

Hunters to paint their cars dark blue.

If we can't catch the hunted/have less than 10 hunters in the session, we may switch to the Armoured Schafter V12 or Armoured Kuruma again.

The Hunted

Target to wear overalls and a balaclava. We need the target to be somewhat noticeable, so I suggest a red jumpsuit and yellow balaclava to be more easy to spot. Target to start in a van, but can change to any car at any point after setting off.

The basic rules will be the similar to our original Survive the Hunt event with a few changes that are listed on GTAF.

Hope to see you there...