Straight Enus Landyacht Challenge

Straight Enus Landyacht Challenge
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Come and join us for the Straight Enus Landyacht Challenge on Wednesday 17th April at 20:00 BST (19:00 UTC). This Enus themed night will see us racing vehicles from manufactured by Enus after a brief meet up in free roam.

When you sign up please list the Enus vehicles you own so the host can build the playlist based around this. If you do not own any Enus vehicles do not worry, we can spawn them in for you via GTA races.

Sign up as usual on RSCnet.

Sign up with your name and cars you own...

For example:

1. Mark (Cognoscenti 55, Stafford & Windsor Drop)

Complete Enus Vehicle List:

Cognoscenti 55
Cognoscenti Cabrio
Huntley S
Super Diamond
Windsor Drop

All races will be 'one make races' with the exception of the Cognoscenti and its 55 version. No Armored variants...

See you there!