Santas Sideways Showdown 2018

Santas Sideways Showdown 2018
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Come and join us on Christmas Eve for Santa's Sideways Showdown, a festive night of fun racing in the snow on Christmas Eve at 20:00 GMT. We will be running a playlist of races to make the most of the yearly appearance of snow using a mixture of quality user created tracks.We will be racing with contact on so will expect a decent standard of driving but also expect a whole heap of chaos and sideways action due to the snow. We will be racing with crews and players who have raced together before, there will be nobody out to 'troll' so remember any accidents are just that, accidents. Take them in your stride, have a laugh and enjoy the fun!

This will be a joint Van society and Domestic Battery event with invites also extended to other crews we have raced with before.

No need to sign up, just drop DoubleG213, Junior-Chubb or x_AllyCrawford_x on PSN to get added to the group chat.

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