Real Life Tracks Night Part IV

Real Life Tracks
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18/09/2019 20:00 - 22:00 Europe/London

The Real Life Tracks night is back after a long break for part IV on Wednesday 18th September at 10:00 UTC on PS4. The Van Society are hosting another night of racing using the best GTA Real Life Tracks from FR_Player-One's Real Life Tracks thread and the best from elsewhere on Social Club.

We will have a few new creations to add to the Playlist this time around due to the time since the last event.

This event will be open to all GTAF members so sign up and get involved.We will start with a quick meet up in Los Santos in our cars before the racing begins.

The first race of the night will be on the Top Gear Test Track, this will be run non-contact with drivers vying for the best lap time to get pole and decide grid positions in future races. From here a playlist with contact races of the best Real Life Tracks will be launched. At the start of every race we will re-arrange the grid based on the finishing positions from the last race. Players will also be put into groups of 4, these classes will be based on speed around the Top Gear track and vehicle choice.

Please familiarise yourself with this track, your qualifying time here will be crucial on matching your ability and choice of car with drivers of a similar skill level. Bookmark the track via the link below…

We will start the night racing 'contact' but if poor racing etiquette is displayed, or if people start bitching we will switch to non-contact or kick offending drivers.

We expect clean racing on the night (this is not a 'GTA Race' free for all) we all appreciate the tracks created and want to race around them, not play bumper cars. If you like to spin people out, try and squeeze two cars into a corner that can only fit one or use other cars as braking barriers do not sign up.

Curb boosting is also a big no no. Hitting the curbs/rumble strip on the racing line (entry/apex/exit of corners) is fine however weaving on the the rumble strip, surfing the rumble strip on straights and ignoring the racing line to hit a curb are things we do not want to see, warnings will be handed out for this. See the diagram below for an example.

Basic Racing Rules

  • The first corner is crucial, do not attempt crazy overtakes here, just get round it safely.
  • If you are responsible for spinning out another player, wait for them to recover before continuing to race.
  • Do not PIT other racers.
  • Do not ram other racers.
  • Do not dive bomb other racers.
  • Do not bob and weave on straights.
  • No curb boosting unless part of the natural racing line.
  • Failure to adhere to the rules will result in a warning followed by being kicked for repeat offending.

Your Car

We will run all races in Sports Class and you will race the same car in each race (each player must pick a different car). This will give different racers advantages on some tracks and disadvantages on others. It will also make it a whole lot easier to remember who is who as the night goes on.

All cars can be fully modded (no off-road tyres though) and we have banned the most OP cars from the class to even the playing field slightly.

Do not be afraid to pick a slower 'personal favourite' as we will split the racers into groups depending on speed and you will be competing against players of a similar speed in your group as well as the rest of the field.

The Pariah, Itali GTO, Neo, Comet SR, Issi Sport and Paragon are all banned. The Locust & Jugular are under review. This leaves the following cars up for grabs...

8F Drafter
9F Cabrio
Bestia GTS
Blista Compact
Buffalo S
Comet Retro Custom
Comet Safari
Drift Tampa
Elegy Retro Custom
Elegy RH8
Flash GT
Furore GT
Go Go Monkey Blista
Hotring Sabre
Jester (Racecar)
Jester Classic
Kuruma (Armored)
Massacro (Racecar)
Rapid GT
Rapid GT Cabrio
Schafter LWB
Schafter V12
Schlagen GT
Sentinel Classic
Specter Custom
Sprunk Buffalo
Tropos Rallye

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There is a limit of 16 players max on the night. Sign up on RSC as usual to get involved!