‘Murica Racing League

Murica Racing League
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Top Gear goes to the USA this week for the 'Murica Racing League. Come and join us as we race the best American Muscle around Los Santos and Blaine County. There will be a range of cars available to use on the night, don't worry if you don't own them as we will spawn them in for you.

'Murica Racing League Cars

We will be running Muscle, Sports and Sports Classic races on the night, these classes will be split into smaller groups. We will try to go for no duplicate cars in each race but realise this will not always be possible.

Modern Muscle
Vapid Dominator GTX
Vapid Dominator

Classic Muscle
Imponte Dukes
Declasse Sabre Turbo
Declasse Tampa
Declasse Stallion
Albany Buccaneer
Declasse Vigero
Vapid Ellie

Bravado Banshee
Invetero Coquette

Sports Classic
Invetero Coquette Classic
Declasse Mamba

As ever we will be racing contact so the usual rules apply, also don't be a bellend!