Mixed Class Racing

Mixed Class Racing
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Come and join us on Wednesday 22nd August for some Mixed Class Racing. We will be taking the Turismo & Cheetah Classics and pitting them against vehicles from other classes using Transform Races.

Mixed Class Racing

To make sure you are prepared you will need one of the following cars from each class to keep your options open on the night. The Turismo and Cheetah Classics will be available options in every race so as long as you own one of these all the other cars are optional.

Sports Classics:
Turismo Classic
Cheetah Classic

9F (Cabrio)
Specter (Custom)
Bestia GTS
Comet (Retro Custom)
Sentinel Classic

Sultan RS
Banshee 900R

We will be stopping at the start of each race to use the Transform Checkpoints to bring the Sports Classics cars into each race. Each race will also be limited to some of the cars listed above. Please be aware of this and pay attention to make sure the night runs smoothly and we can start each race as quickly as possible.