Lowrider Night

Lowrider Night
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Come and join us on Wednesday 13th February for our Lowrider Night. We will have a night of crusin' and racin' in the best Lowriders that GTAO has to offer. Check the choice of cars below and sign up on GTAF as usual.

The Lowriders

Sabre Turbo Custom
Slamvan Custom
Buccaneer Custom
Faction Custom
Virgo Classic Custom
Moonbeam Custom
Chino Custom
Voodo Custom

We can have up to two of each vehicle on the night. Lowriders are quite expensive so if a car you own and want to use already has two entries let us know, we should be able to work something out.

Sign up as usual on GTAF: gtaforums.com/topic/916479-the-van-society-part-2/

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