Top Gear Off Road Results

Top Gear Off Road Results

This week we ran the Top Gear Off Road Challenge which tested the Off Road Class on value, style, performance and racing. It was great to have a good turn out and to see AJ coming along too. With nothing being banned for this challenge we had a nice mix of vehicles to be tested and raced to find the top dog in the Off Road class.

The Vehicles and drivers
Chubb Coil Brawler
Catman Vapid Trophy Truck
Trashy Nagasaki Street Blazer
Fury Vapid Sandking XL
Dave BF Injection
Paulie Canis Kamacho
DubG Maibatsu Sanchez
Stappen Karin Rusty Rebel
Myth Vapid Desert Raid
AJ Vapid Riata

Before the night started the vehicles got awarded Spec points base on value, number of wheels and capacity. This left the Rusty Rebel in the lead with 997 points and the BF Injection and Sandking XL in second and third spot.

Once we met up in free roam we had a quick vote for the best looking vehicle on the night. Dave’s Herbie styling picked up top style points for the BF Injection before we moved on to the Performance Challenges.


We kicked off with the Top Gear Test Track in our own vehicles. DubG picked up the win on his Sanchez with the fastest lap of 00:50.187.  On to the drag racing next,  the Trophy Truck got the win followed by the Kamacho then the Desert Raid.

The Top Speed Test saw the Sanchez wheelie its way to the win with the Kamacho in second and the Brawler third. After the top speed we tested braking distance with the Street Blazer having the shortest stopping distance, the Sanchez was next followed by the Sandking XL.

The water crossing next, the Trophy Truck, Sandking, Kamacho, Raid and Riata all picked up maximum points with the Sanchez and Blazer suffering the most in this test.

With the Performance Challenges complete we have the BF Injection in the lead with 1,624pts. As ever Catman’s Trophy Truck is placed well at this point with 1,440pts thanks to good Spec points, Style win, Drag Race win… will it be his night?

On to the racing…


For the races we swapped vehicles at the start of every race, this was to help ensure the best vehicle got the points as opposed to the best driver. Due to a few issues with playlists and jobs (Chubb at his finest) we only ran 6 races.

Put up your Dukes: Dub G win on his Sanchez
Trophy Truck: DTM Singen: DubG win in Desert Raid
Top Gear Incline Race 3.0: Dave win in Desert Raid
PS3 Redwood Frights: Catman win in Desert Raid
Indianapolis Speedway: DubG win in Brawler
Trophy Truck Trauma: Myth win in Kamacho

Top Gear Off Road Results
Top Gear Off Road Results
Top Gear Off Road Results

The Kamacho grabbed the win with 2,105pts closely followed by a great performance by the plucky BF Injection. The Desert Raid got third spots thanks to winning 3 out of the six races on the night. Great job on picking the winning vehicle Paulie, another Top Gear challenge win for you.

The Stig Award goes to DubG for winning the Racing Playlist.

Racing Playlist
Racing Playlist

Thanks all for coming along, next week is a 4th of July themed event.