Top Gear Class War: Sports Results

Thanks all for coming along tonight, as you may expects we lined up our choice of Sports car for some testing and racing. We had a good turn out and lots of effort went into the cars as usual. Here our are Top Gear Class War: Sports Results.

The Cars & Drivers

Chubb Comet $100,000
Paulie Feltzer $130,000
Stappo Massacro RC $385,000
Salad Elegy Retro $904,000
Catman Seven70 $605,000
Hurst Rapid GT $132,000
DubG Schafter V12 $115,000
Trash Bestia $610,000


Value and Pimpin’

The values points left the Comet in 1st place with -100pts while the Elegy suffered the most with its $904,000 price tag leaving it on -904pts.

We kicked off with the style points, well done to DubG for picking up the points with his ‘pure white’ wheels and modded paint job from the PS3 days. Paulie’s Feltzer and Catman’s Seven70 got 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Drag Racing

Well done to Salad for winning his first drag competition, the Elegy made light work of the field with Trashbags not managing to pull of one of his super quick starts in the final. Stapp picked up 3rd in the Massacro.

Test Track

The Elegy done well again here picking up first spot and max points as it tried to claw back its handicap. Hurst realised the Rapid GT was a bit of a lemon at this point… slow and unable to turn.

Top Speed and 1 Mile

The Schafter dominated the Top Speed and Mile testing with the Elegy suffering greatly coming last in both tests.

Braking Test

The top end cars dominated the braking with the Seven70 picking up maximum points for Catman with the Bestia in 2nd and Elegy in 3rd spot.

The Racing

We ran 9 races with drivers swapping cars for each race to make sure the cars were raced fairly. Despite promises the host of no mistakes this week (sorry Salad, I tried) we had the occasional hiccup. The results from Redwood Frights do not go to the car totals, the respawns in various races will be ignored as the cars would suffer not the driver. Also the Massacro was cunningly disguised as a Banshee on Colline Grotti.

The Elegy and the Massacro dominated the racing picking up 5 wins between them in the eligible races. The Rapid GT faired worse coming last in four races.

Top Gear Class War: Sports Results

Top Gear Class War: Sports Results

Well done to DoubleG for picking the winning car. The combination of a cheap price and straight line speed saw it sail to the top spot of the table. We can also confirm that the Rapid GT is a lemon.

Stig Award

Sports Stig Award

Well done to Stappen for picking up the Sports Award.

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