Top Gear Challenge: Germany vs Italy Results

Germany vs Italy

The Germany vs Italy Top Gear Challenge gave us a great nights racing as each team had strength in different classes. The variation in car selection worked really well too.

Top Gear Challenge: Germany vs Italy Results

Race 01 – Corn Evo Raceway: Compacts
The only option here was the Brioso v the Panto, Trashbags got first place in the Brioso for Italy.

Race 02 – DTM Singen-Alemannenring: Coupes
The Felon, Oracle and Zion represented the Coupes. DubG’s Zion got the win for Germany.

Race 03 – American Grand Park: Sports Classics
The Stirling GT was the only option for the Germans whilst the Italians had the Cheetah and Turismo classics. Stappen won for Germany in the Stirling GT.

Race 04 – Casino Speedway: Sports
The Comet SR, Comet and Bestia lined up for this race with DubG winning in the comet SR for Germany.

Race 05 – Circuito La Mesa: Supers
The Cheetah, SC!, Osiris, 811 and Zentorno ran this race. Trashbags picked up first place for Italy in his Cheetah.

Race 06 – Zancudo River Run: Sports
This race with off road sections was limited to Tropos vs Omnis. Trashbags bought home the points for Italy in his Tropos.

Race 07 – Colline Grotti: Compacts
Back to the Panto and the Brioso for this road race. Another win for Trashbags and Italy in the Brioso.

Race 08 – Nurburgring: Coupes
The Felons lined up against two Zions and a Sentinel XS to take on the Greenish Hell. Stappen came home first in the Sentinel XS for Germany.

Race 09 – Imola: Sports Classics
Sports Classic round 2 saw the same cars compete, with the same winner. Stappen in first for Germany in a Stirling GT.

Race 10 – DTM Avus – 80s: Sports
The Bestia, Carbonizzare, Schafter V12, Sentinel Classic and Comet Retro lined up for a bit of DTM. DubG got the home win for Germany in his Schafter V12.

Race 11 – Monza No Chicane: Supers
Another nice mix with the 811, X80 Proto, Zentorno, Visione, Cheetah and SC1 on the grid. The 811’s top speed was too much on the long straights giving the win to DubG and Germany.

The top 3 finishers for each team picked up the points, 120pts for the winner reducing by 20pts per position to 6th place.

Germany vs Italy Results
Germany vs Italy Results

Team Winners: Germany
Top German Driver: DubG
Top Italian Driver: Trashbags

Well done to Team Germany, DubG and Trashbags.