STNC v VANS Results

STNC v VANS results

Round 10 of Clash of the Crews was against a fellow racing the Lowly Gents (STNC). STNC v VANS was to be our last round as once complete we would have played every other crew in the competition.

Despite losing we had great fun against STNC. We could only muster 3 players for the match, this upset the job balance and we ended up with their host Best-Racer-2000 on our team for a couple of jobs.

STNC v VANS Results

Finals score STNC 5 – 1 VANS.

STNC v VANS Results
STNC v VANS Results

Thanks to acdc47200 and Best-Racer-2000 for helping set the match up, well played to GiannisProGamer_, Mystica_Gamer and NoTmYnaME233SVK for getting the win for STNC.

Thanks to the VANS team of Trashbags, Chubb and Aslad for representing VANS.

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