Sabre v Dominator Results

Sabre v Dominator Results

Thanks all for turning out for the Sabre Turbo Custom v Pisswasser Dominator Top Gear challenge. We had a great nights racing, if a little hectic at times.

The group was split into two teams with each representing the one of the two cars battling it out on the night. We started  the night with 11 players so the top 5 results for each car would determine the winning team.

After a quick(ish) meet up in free roam we launched a Playlist with a mixture of races, rotating the grid as we went. We had a few new players with us tonight, thanks to Psy_Mike, tigropeeks75 & HOORN_LOCO for coming along.

Sabre v Dominator Results

The Dominator sailed to an easy victory on the night taking the top 3 spots on the playlist. Stappen was the Pisswasser Dominator champ and the overall winner whilst Trashbags picked up the honour of being the top Sabre Turbo Custom driver.

Pisswasser Dominator: 408pts
Sabre Turbo Custom: 235pts

Dominator top driver: MarkVerstappen
Sabre Turbo top driver: Trashbags1980

Sabre v Dominator Results
Sabre v Dominator Results

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