Run The Gauntlets Results

Run The Gauntlets Results

Thanks for all coming along to our Run The Gauntlets Night. Great fun racing all the Gauntlet variants in one night! You can check the full results below.

Best Looking Car:

In a strange turn of events Marc’s Redwood was voted worst looking followed by Chubb’s sexy Hellfire. Well done to Mulder and his bright green lean machine Gauntlet Classic.

1. Mulder – Classic
2. Verstappen – Hellfire
3. Smashcrash – Redwood
4. Paulie – Hellfire
5. Trashbags – Hellfire
6. JC – Redwood
7. Dave – Regular
8. Chubb – Hellfire
9. OneMarc – Redwood

The Races:

1: Generation Battle Alamo Bridges
2: Generation Battle Coastline Clash 2019
3: Generation Battle Draco motor Park
4: Redwood Championship Starkie’s Intermediate
5: Hellfire Drags Crevelsville Dragstrip
6: Generation Battle Grapeschleife
7: Generation Battle Mount Haan Circuit
8: Generation Battle Palet-O-Bey Ring V2
9: Redwood Championship SCRZ Django Fest. of Seed

The Results:

Well done to Mulder for picking up Best Car, and winning the Racing with most points.

Well done to SmashCrash for winning the Generation battle and Stappen for winning the Redwood side event.