GP/// LS Business Center

GP LS Business Center

GP/// LS Business Center is a street circuit by FR_Player-One inspired by old Gran Turismo tracks. The track twist through Downtown, Textile City, Mission Row, Alta, Burton and Vinewood. Race confidently through the sharp left and right turns as all the destructible scenery is blocked off and the lap flows nicely.

GP/// LS Business Center

GRAND PRIX /// Last Update 06/2018. Street Circuit taking place in the center of Los Santos, inspired by Gran Turismo’s urban racetracks. PitLane available in GTA Mode. (YouTube : FRPlayerOne)


  • Link:
  • Creator: FR_Player-One
  • Game Mode: Stunt Race
  • Race Style: Realistic Race
  • Route Length: 2.51 miles
  • Route Type: Lap
  • Players: 1-30
  • Location: Downtown, Textile City, Mission Row, Alta, Burton, Vinewood
  • Classes: Compacts, Coupes, Motorcycles, Muscle, Off-Road, Sedans, Sports, Sports Classics, Super, SUVs

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