Lowriders Results

Thanks all for coming along to our Lowriders nights. A great turn out with Hurst and McDaftio joining the regulars for some Lowrider cruising and racing.

The Cars

Chino Custom Paulie & Hurst
Buccaneer Custom Chubb & Trashy
Voodoo Custom Salad
Moonbeam Custom DuobleG & Dave
Virgo Classic Custom MarkVerstappen

Lowriders Results

After clearing out the most chaotic car park in Los Santos we got the ball rolling by choosing the best looking car of the evening through a process of elimination. Well done to Dave for bringing the ugliest vehicle of the night and well done to Paulie who’s matching player and car combo got him the win in his Chino.

Lowriders Pimpin

Once the style awards were out of the way we got down to some racing. We ran seven races and swpped cars each race to make sure everyone got to race every car on the night. We followed this with a few single make races, again covering the different cars chosen for the night.

Who Raced What?

Race Positions

Lowrider Race Results

Final Car Results

Well done to Trashy and Chubb for picking the winning car this week. The Buccaneer came out on top with 6 straight wins to dominate the night.

Driver Results

Well done to MarkVerstappen for winning the Drivers Award for the night with 86 points.

Thanks to Stappen for hosting.

Next weeks event plans coming asap…

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