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    Sunday Racing League

    21:00 -22:00

    The Sunday Racing League is a weekly racing event hosted by Domestic Battery starting on Sunday 3rd March 2019. All VANS members are welcome to come and join Season 1.


    A season is 5 weeks (5 rounds).
    We run this on Sundays 21:00 UTC.
    Each round is four races.
    Points for place, points for fastest lap.
    Each round will take 60-75 minutes.
    Non-contact on all races.
    Each round every player will be given a few selected cars to pick from, all races will be with customs ON. Player use same car in all races each round.
    You will get the cars and the tracks 4-6 days before so you can pick a car and set it up.
    Out of the potential 20 races, your 15 best scores will count towards your season total score.
    No rule against curb-boosting or restrictions on how you set up your car.
    Each round will have four different type of tracks.

    Round 2-5:

    The fastest racers from the previous round will be given a group of 3 slightly slower cars to pick from.
    The players with the least points in the previous round will be given a group of 3 slightly faster cars to pick from.
    The players in the middle of the last round, and any new player, will be given a group of 3 average cars to pick from.

    How to join?

    You can sign up and ask any questions you have at


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    Aslad's Off Road Adventure Pt3

    20:00 -22:00

    Come and join us on Wednesday 6th March fro some free roam Off Roading. Inspired by Top Gear/Grand Tour budgeted challenges, you have a generous budget of $150,000 to buy any car you like to tackle the countryside of San Andreas.

    However, there are a couple of catches to make this a little more challenging.

    Your car cannot:

    • Be in the Off-Road or SUV Class.
    • Be a dedicated Off-Roader from another class (stuff like the Streiter etc).
    • Cost more than $150,000.
    • Have less than 4 wheels (i.e. no bikes).
    • Use Off-Road Tyres.
    • Be already taken by someone else (explained further down).


    • Your car can be modified in any way you see fit to make it more able to tackle the terrain (aside from off-road tyres).
    • It can be bought or stolen, as long as it is worth $150,000 or less.
    • The more variation in vehicles the better, it will make for a more entertaining night. As a result, I am going to say that if a car has been taken by someone, only they may use that car – no one else. Think creatively.

    At the start of the evening, we will vote for which vehicle we think looks the best. At the end of the night, we will have a vote on which car we think performed the best overall. Whilst this isn’t a strictly scored event, it is worth bearing in mind that cars which have to be respawned will tarnish their reputation as an off-road machine…

    Sign up as usual on RSC:

    Hosted by Aslad

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    National No Lamposts Vacation

    20:00 -22:00

    Come and join us on Wednesday 16th March at 20:00 GMT for the National No Lamposts Vacation. Turn up in your Regina ready for an international vacation as we race around the world without the usual hindrance of lamp posts.

    We will begin the vacation in free roam in our Regina’s before moving into a playlist of races. We will race a variety of vehicles from different countries. There will be a few banned vehicles depending on what class is being used.

    We will be racing jobs that have recently had fixtures removed thanks to the recent Creator update. If you know any jobs recently improved by this then let us know.

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    Stock Car Auto Racing

    20:00 -22:00

    On Wednesday 20th March we will be another Van Society Race Night. Stock Car Auto Racing will be a night of racing featuring the Hotring Sabre and the Drift Tampa on a variety of user made jobs. Ideally you will need both cars on the night, if you own neither we can spawn in cars at the start of each race for you.

    We will expect clean racing on the night, respect other drivers, pull over if you cause a collision and communicate with other drivers.

    See you there!

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    Xero Gas 3000 Rally

    20:00 -22:00

    Come and join us this week for the Xero Gas 3000 Rally. This Rally event will see entrants run 13 stages across the whole of San Andreas with the entrant with the lowest overall time being the winner.

    This rally event will use the Sports Class with the following vehicles up for selection:

    Obey Omnis
    Tropos Rallye
    Pfister Comet
    Pfister Comet Safari
    Ubermacht Sentinel Classic
    Karin Sultan
    Karin Kuruma
    Vapid GB200

    Depending on the number of entrants we will be racing either contact or non-contact.

    Sign up with your choice of vehicle below.

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