• 09
    Clash of the Crews Racenight

    20:00 -22:00

    To wrap up the year we will be running a race night using the most popular races from this years Clash of the Crews. The races will be locked to the same classes as used in the competition, however we may ban the Pariah and GTO from the Sports Races.

  • 16
    Rigged Random Car Extravaganza

    20:00 -22:00

    Something a little different this week with our Rigged Random Car Extravaganza. We will be using a random car and class for each race, however the cars and class will be rigged. No need to worry about the cars as we will use GTA races so we can spawn in whatever is needed on the night.

  • 23
    Van Society Top Gear Review of the Year 2018

    20:00 -22:00

    Come and join us on Wednesday 23rd January as we celebrate another year of Van Society Events with our Van Society Top Gear Review of the Year 2018. We will be running the best jobs from our Top Gear events and throwing in a few Mystery Cars and other jobs from our themed nights and maybe a Clash of the Crews job or two.

    If you want something included flick through the website to refresh your memory and post in our VANS thread on GTAF. You shouldn’t need to buy any special cars for the night as if you are a regular you would own them all already…

    See you there!

Our Van Society GTA Crew Events are highlighted in Orange and our GT Sport Events are highlighted in Red. All of our Events are held on PS4.