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  • 05
    Night of the Living Gregg

    20:00 -22:00

    On Wednesday 5th September our GTA Event will be Night of the Living Gregg, a night of racing and mini games based around our favourite Boy Racer’s Vauxhall Corsa cunningly disguised as a Blista.

    All you need to do is turn up in a Blista and you’re in! you don’t even need to do that as you can just go full chav and steal one on the night…

  • 12
    Burt Reynolds into Los Santos

    20:00 -22:00

    Come and join us on Wednesday 12th September for our Burt Reynolds into Los Santos night. We will start the night meeting in free roam with our cars and characters themed from any film that starred Reynolds before moving on to a Playlist of themed jobs.

    We will use a few different vehicles for racing and these will be covered by either using stock vehicles or spawning in modded cars for those who do not own them but there is one vehicle we do recommend owning, the Imponte Pheonix which you can steal off the street in Los Santos.

    If you are looking for inspiration for the night you can find Reynolds’ filmography here…

  • 19
    Van Society Race Night

    20:22 -22:00

    This Wednesday we will be running a Van Society Race Night. The night will consist of a playlist of races that will cover every class of road vehicle in GTA. To level the playing field a little the most OP cars from each class will be banned, for example no Pariahs to be used when racing Sports Class.

    We will run GTA races so we can spawn in cars for those who do not have them, the banned cars will be listed on the night.

    No need to sign up for this one, just drop us a message if you want to get involved.

  • 26
    Vice City Avery Carrington

    20:00 -22:00

    Avery Carrington invites you to the Studio Los Santos Nightclub in Vespucci Beach this Wednesday at 8pm for a Vice City themed race night.  Attendees are requested to come in any vehicle that was available in Vice City or Vice City Stories that has had the honour of crossing over into GTA online.  There’s more than you might think.Dress code: 80s Casual.

    Once the customary shenanigans and obligatory challenge in free roam, which are par for the course, conclude we will embark on a ten race playlist full of nostalgia, bereft of kerb boosting and all in higher resolution and on bigger tvs then our 80s predecessors ever thought possible.

    We will be running custom vehicles in  GTA races so if there’s any Vice City car you don’t have which crops up on the night you can politely borrow one off somebody else.

    If you want to make sure you’re sporting your own colours and style though then here’s a list of the cars we’ll be using.

    Imponte Phoenix
    Declasse Stallion
    Declasse Sabre Turbo (not Bennys version),
    Dinka Blista Compact
    Albany Hermes
    Declasse Hotring Sabre
    BF Injection or Bifta,
    Grotti Cheetah Classic
    Pegassi Torero

    Owning these cars is not essential as we will be able to spawn them in for you during races if needed.

    The usual clean racing rules apply.  Don’t be a bell end.  No sign up required, just be friends with  SKYEDAVE or Juniorchubb, send us a message and be online on the night and request a session invite.

Our Van Society GTA Events are highlighted in Orange and our GT Sport Events are highlighted in Red. All of our Events are held on PS4.